StuCo elections for class of 2023 announce winners

Brianna Carmack, Entertainment Editor

Students have many different goals in mind going into their first year of high school. For some, that is winning a role in the Student Body elections. 

Last Wednesday, the freshman class found out who had won the StuCo positions students had long campaigned for.” Using various campaign strategies, ultimately the vote for class officers went to Neo Kim for president, Wesley Zeka for vice president, Amelia Knopp for secretary and Eddie Bruegger for treasurer. 

Although some of the new winners may not feel any different, they know that they are stepping into the roles and responsibilities of a someone who will hopefully make an impact on MHS.

“I don’t really feel any different,” Kim said. “I just know that there’s a responsibility on my shoulders instead of being a normal guy.”

Students running also promoted their want of vice president through social media to help gain more engagement with their audience and fellow students while also spreading posters throughout the school and other campaign tactics.

“I spread around an image online on my Instagram about kind of what I believe in why I would be a great candidate for vice president,” freshman Ava Reese said. “I made my posters and put them up around school and I also made stickers and gave them to students.”

In order to win a position in StuCo, candidates must campaign beneficial ideas for the school and to the students that will get you the most votes. 

“I’m just thinking about how to make school more enjoyable for both students and teachers,” Kim said. “And giving both parties a reason to wake up excited and not think ‘man, I have to go to school today.’”

Another campaigning tactic that some of the students involved was to create posters that were memorable, eye-catching and had a silly pun to it.

“I think it was how my posters were said to be really funny,” Kim said.

Giving a good speech is also equally as important as well since it is the main way of getting your ideas and beliefs out to the students.

“I’ve been complimented on my speech as well,” Kim said.

Trying to get people to vote to become a leader and role model can be tough. It’s important to be confident in what is being delivered to the audience in order to win in the StuCo elections.

“I think all candidates that went for president are great people,” Kim said. “And, I think everyone who ran are brave, spirited and talented people.”