MHS needs approachable, communicative principal

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

As we all know, Greg Hoyt, Manhattan High’s current building principal, is retiring. After reflecting on Hoyt’s years as building principal, students have noticed both the excellent and negative qualities he has brought into MHS. With that being said, it is time to find a new principal who can bring in those same excellent qualities Hoyt brought in, while leaving out the bad qualities that were unintentionally carried throughout the course of Hoyt’s days of being building principal.

It is the agreement of The Mentor editorial board that the best qualities our new building principal can bring to benefit MHS are the abilities to unify the school, be approachable and have exceptional communication skills with their fellow coworkers and staff.

Part of being a school principal, especially for a high school, is striving to have the ability to unify the school. Over the last few years, MHS has been in a state of divisiveness over issues, such as the physical mascot, the last student walkout and even certain school football game themes. If the new principal’s top priority is to help unify the school, then there is a possibility that those differences can be set aside.

When it comes to what the students are looking for, the main thing brought up was the importance of having an approachable principal. It has been noticed by members of the editorial board that one of the candidates, Dave Holloway, who is the current principal for freshmen at MHS, connects often with his students. After joining social media, students have been shown in many of his Instagram posts at different sporting events. It is not hidden that Holloway has a great relationship with many of his students at MHS, which advances him to be one of some student’s top choices. What many students want is an authority figure who is less of a warden and more of a fun person who students are comfortable around.

Not only is it important that students get the qualities they’re looking for, but it is also important that teachers get the essential qualities that they’re expecting as well. One of those qualities could potentially be the ability to be an amazing communicator. When you look at it, the teachers and department heads will interact daily with whoever is willing to jump into this job. It’s important to have an authority figure at least know who he or she is working with and not be a stranger.

In conclusion, it is important that the new principal knows what he or she is getting into and to hopefully have those qualities that are needed. It is important for the students, teachers and community to be able to trust and connect with whoever will be taking charge at MHS. If not, the future of MHS could be held in the wrong hands, turning this school upside down.