FCA hosts beneficial clothing drive for students at MHS

Brianna Carmack, Entertainment Editor

To start off the new school year, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted a clothing drive in partnership with the Families In Transition Closet to help donate new clothes to students for the new year. 

“We got a lot of clothes from donations from the FIT Closet and then we all got together, all the leaders of FCA, and we basically just organized the clothes and set them up,” junior and FCA vice president Maddy Kuntz said.

After preparation for the clothing drive, such as sorting and gathering clothes, FCA hosted their clothing drive in the Little Theatre before school, during both lunch periods and after school last Wednesday and Thursday. 

“[The purpose of the clothing drive is] basically just to let anyone at MHS come in and look around and if they’re in need of clothes,” junior Gillian Awbrey said. 

With the help of sponsor and special-ed teacher Sarah Rhodes and MHS teacher Andy Castle, their teamwork along with other volunteers paid off.

“We had a lot of people come in and get clothes,” Kuntz said. “I think it overall went really well and was helpful to a lot of kids,” Kuntz said.

FCA plans to continue to grow their club interest by taking advantage of social media platforms and posters to promote their future events.

“This school year we really just want to expand FCA and make it more known to the school and the student body population,” Kuntz said. “We want to have more events throughout the school year,… outside of school and outside our mornings on Thursday, but our main priority is to kind of grow the club.” 

FCA plans on being an extremely inclusive club that anyone and everyone should join.

“I think it’s a good club for people to join, because it gives you a good group of people that will love and support you,” Awbrey said. “We also get into talking about God and that really is just like a good environment because He can change people’s lives, so that’s really cool.”

FCA’s plans for September include hosting a Field of Faith activity and a worship night. They will also meet every Thursday morning at 7 a.m. in the alumni room for their weekly meetings.