Boys basketball hypes for new season

Brianna Carmack , Entertainment Editor

After a summer of practicing together, the boys basketball team is ready to begin the season this week.

“We got a good group of guys and we had a great summer practicing,” senior Peyton Weixelman said. “We came together as a team and we’re excited to get started this year.”

Biology teacher Benjamin George will begin another year of coaching the team. George began hosting sports conditioning for boys basketball every day after school back in September. 

Along with the coach, some of the players have prepared for the season by conditioning and practicing outside of school. Junior Owen Braxmeyer, a starter for the Manhattan High basketball team, is one of those students. 

“For me, I’ve put in a bunch of work outside of school and I’m involved in club basketball,” Braxmeyer said. “Some of my teammates have done that as well. We’ve just been working together, building chemistry and things like that.”

The team hopes to achieve some goals that they have compiled up, along with some of the individual goals that they have made.

“Individually, [my goals are to] just be a good leader, have a good attitude and hopefully everything will play itself into [my] hand,” Braxmeyer said. “For the team, just come together and win the State Championship.”

Unaware of any specific setbacks, the team hopes to strive through whatever comes their way and ultimately, finish off in a satisfactory manner. 

“There’s always going to be setbacks in the season,” Weixelman said. “I think the important thing is for us to come together as a team when we face adversity and just find a way to get through that and hopefully we can find success.” 

As the season inches its way closer, the team is ready to start the season off with a good lead. With eight seniors on the team this year, the team has high hopes. 

Tryouts for boys basketball began on Monday at 5:30 p.m. and will extend out until Wednesday at the same time. The first game of the season is at the Hays Shootout tournament on Dec. 5-7.