Student makes custom made boutonnieres and corsages

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

With corsages and boutonnieres ranging from about $15 to $65, senior Makenna Wollenberg has decided to take on her artistic ability by creating her own to sell for $15 a pair.

“I went to go buy a corsage and boutonniere and it came to like $40,” Wollenberg said. “I thought that was ridiculous because they wilted in like two days and there was no way to save them at all.”

Instead, Wollenberg created her own corsage and boutonniere by purchasing 97-cent flowers and some elastic band. In this way, she can make the perfect one for herself, while at a cheap price. She has taken on this hobby since the second semester of her junior year.

“I made a corsage and boutonniere for prom my junior year,” Wollenberg said. “Then I made them again for SubDeb my senior year, and then I’m going to make them again for prom, my senior year.”

After making corsages and boutonnieres for over a year now, Wollenberg has spent her free time creating more and more and gaining more practice out of it.

Wollenberg has been asked to make corsages and boutonnieres for a few other people and is open to making them for others.

“So two people have asked me to make them now,” Wollenberg said. “A student at Manhattan High and a lady for her wedding.”

Since this potential business is obscure at the moment, Wollenberg is continuing to focus more on her other hobbies.

“It’s kind of mostly a hobby,” Wollenberg said. “I could make a small business out of it, but it definitely isn’t going to be what I focus on.”

Wollenberg asks that anyone interested in reaching out to her about making corsages and boutonnieres please contact her at: [email protected]