Businesses available for prom hair, makeup

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

April 15, 2019

Whether it’s a confidence booster for your overall prom look or a small moment of pampering in the name of self-love, having your hair and makeup done for prom is an exciting experience. Of course, not everyone goes through that ...

Options for prom outfits

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

April 15, 2019

Now that it’s April, prom outfit shopping is a must for many high school students across the nation. However, in order to not go to prom stuck in the same tux as someone else, it is essential to know where to get your outfi...

Where to take prom pictures in Manhattan

Emma Elliott, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

With prom quickly approaching and preparation beginning, you’re probably realizing just how much you want to capture all of the effort you’ve put into your outfit. Here are a few amazing places to do just that.   ...

Foodie’s guide to prom night success

Meredith Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

April 15, 2019

Prom night, an evening of glamour, music and the finer elements of high school life. While prom includes a multitude of different aspects of a fun night -- the outfits, the pictures, the playlist, the location -- there’s alway...

Student makes custom made boutonnieres and corsages

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

April 8, 2019

With corsages and boutonnieres ranging from about $15 to $65, senior Makenna Wollenberg has decided to take on her artistic ability by creating her own to sell for $15 a pair. “I went to go buy a corsage and boutonniere and it came to lik...

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