Where to take prom pictures in Manhattan

Emma Elliott, Staff Writer

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With prom quickly approaching and preparation beginning, you’re probably realizing just how much you want to capture all of the effort you’ve put into your outfit. Here are a few amazing places to do just that.


Kansas State University Campus

As one of the most beautiful college campuses in Kansas, K-State is a great place for pictures, whether you want to stand in front of the trimmed and clean-cut greenery of the gardens or a brick building, you can shoot great pictures essentially anywhere on the campus. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Beach House Art Museum is full of large windows and beautiful art works to feature in your photos.



As one of the most popular places in Manhattan for colorful photos, Aggieville is a great place to capture a touch of the Manhattan personality in your prom photos, with old brick and a beautiful atmosphere in the evening. You can find interesting backgrounds on the patio of bluestem with its twinkling lights to the windows of shops.


Konza Prairie

Konza Prairie is home to beautiful grasslands and open space to show off the clear blue skies. If you’re looking for something simple and lovely, this is the place to go … but watch your shoes.



Like many other locations in Manhattan, the downtown area offers tall brick buildings, vivid greenery and blooming trees scattered around, but without the crowdedness of K-State or the missing sidewalks of Konza Prairie.


Colbert Hills

Along with excellent food, Colbert Hills has a beautiful glass balcony to take pictures in front of, which overlooks the cared-after grass covering the rolling hills of the golf course


Your House

If you’d rather be more private with your photo taking, no one says you have to go out. You can take beautiful pictures near the comfort of your own home, or anywhere really, with the right background and lighting.

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