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MHS revisits fashion trends

Blue Neel, Junior Trending Editor

December 19, 2019

Quite often, style comes to mind when one visualizes the decades. As we wrap up the decade, fashion is having a deja vu effect.  After once seeing teenagers in the ‘80s rock bright neon and loud hairstyles, more and more teenagers now rock the same style with a different attitude. Although ...

Social media provides viewers a year in review

Aubrey Strother, Staff Writer

December 19, 2019

As the year will be ending in less than a month, many people are looking back on their lives within the last year through their social medias.  Every year, YouTube does “YouTube Rewind,” where they put together a video highlighting what happened or what was popular over the course of that...

Field Station 4 an intellectual thrill

Meredith Comas, Print Editor-in-Chief

November 25, 2019

“Field Station 4” by Charles Lindsay -- a new space-themed exhibit at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art -- really started in the room beside it, when the abstract sounds of space trembled alongside the painted landscapes. As I approached the entrance to the exhibit, the white walls of the muse...

Beach Museum uses regional art, technology

Hannah Heger, Trending Editor

November 25, 2019

  With its staple bright orange, blown glass Chihuly chandelier hanging from the ceiling, The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art has been an important part of the local community, providing individual experiences for anyone who walks in the front doors. “The collecting focus of the museum is reg...

MAC provides opportunities for MHS students

Rachel Edie, Business Manager

November 25, 2019

From its beginning with the conversion of three different arts groups back in the late 1990s, the Manhattan Arts Center has flourished as a company that welcomes all, including Manhattan High Students. Originally there were three organizations, Manhattan Civic Theater, Manhattan Arts Council and the ...

Student guide for breakfast nutrition

Hannah Heger, Trending Editor

November 4, 2019

Waking up in the morning for school can be hard enough. Add in having to get up, make yourself presentable for school and leave the house on time, it's no surprise that students often is the most "important" meal of the day: breakfast. Breakfast’s claim on the title as the most important meal of t...

The best pancake in Manhattan

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

November 4, 2019

To fully understand how one selects the best pancake, one must understand the selection process. The judging of each restaurant was determined by a rubric written by myself, print Editor-in-Chief Meredith Comas and Trending Editor Hannah Heger. The rubric included five factors: restaurant experience,...

Halloween Horrors

Rachel Edie, Business Manager

October 28, 2019

As the Halloween season reaches its peak, people of all ages have started to turn towards haunted attractions in preparation for the big day. Everyone waits in line for a chance to get in on the fun and, well, be scared.  Students at Manhattan High are no exception for the ghoulish festivities. Some ...

Pumpkin carving tips and tricks

Hannah Heger, Trending Editor

October 28, 2019

The glowing pumpkin faces on front porches and window sills have become staples of the Halloween season. But do you ever wonder where those shining faces come from?  The first step comes with knowing where to find your perfect pumpkin. With all the local farms, it is difficult to determine the be...

Inktober inspires artists

Kyla Barnett, Features Editor

October 28, 2019

Halloween brings spooky times, trick or treating, scary movies and a fun challenge for artists.  During the month of October artists from all around the country participate in a prompt challenge called “Inktober.” “The whole concept of Inktober is that you draw something for every day of the mo...

Recognizing famous Native Americans

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

October 7, 2019

In 1992, exactly 500 years after Christopher Columbus knocked on the New Land’s doors, Indigenous People’s Day emerged to counter-celebrate Columbus Day. Due to the fact that Columbus is not the “founder” of America, but rather the Native Americans, Indigenous People’s Day was born. Offic...

The Safety Team of MHS

Jeremy Emberton, Staff Writer

September 23, 2019

Natural disasters. They happen all the time. From fires to earthquakes to tornadoes, they all wreak havoc. However, if Manhattan High happens to find itself in one of these disasters, its safety team will be there to help. Trina Dibbini, the sophomore principal, is the person in charge of the safet...

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