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Students coming back from online have mixed experiences

Kris Long, Print Editor-in-Chief September 14, 2021

Manhattan High welcomed just under 1,900 Students into its doors on Aug. 18, all of whom had weathered a year and a half of change and chaos. However, a subsect of those students hadn’t attended a day...

On Thursday, @MHSMentor asked on Instagram the following question:

Teachers continue to use Canvas

McKayla Clarksnodgrass, Page Editor September 13, 2021

With technology becoming more prevalent in classes, teachers have begun to use more educational programs in the past year. “[Teachers] are not required to put anything on [Canvas], but they are strongly...

On Tuesday, @MHSMentor Instagram asked students which bell schedule they prefer: this school year's or last school year's. Out of 119, 36% voted last year and 64% favor this year.

Students, teachers compare school schedules

Amelia Knopp, Page Editor September 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for Manhattan High School to experiment with a full block schedule during the second semester of last school year, which was known as the On-Site with Remote...

Horticulture II students host second plant sale

Julianna Poe, Trending Editor May 5, 2021

Looking to supply the community with an additional wave of starter plants, the Manhattan High Horticulture II class is selling a wide array of vegetable and fruit starts this week. “If you [take horticulture...

Environmental club sets up Earth day booth

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor May 5, 2021

In the 2021 year, Earth day took place on Apr. 22 with the environmental club setting up a small booth during first, second and third lunches. In this booth, environmental club members took turns running...

Manhattan takes first at Envirothon Regionals

Sonika Khosla, Staff Writer May 5, 2021

The Annual Kansas Envirothon Regional Competition was on April 14, where our own Manhattan High School team took first place, securing them a spot in the state competition. Envirothon is a competition...

Continue to advocate and educate yourself after Autism Acceptance Month

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor April 14, 2021

It’s Autism Awareness Month, or what should be and is now being called Autism Acceptance Month. Today, there is constant misrepresentation and lack of knowledge when it comes to autism, and awareness...

Historical icons with autism

Katya Tarabrina, Blue M Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2021

Many of our favorite movies, shows and other forms of media have been created by individuals with autism, and here is a few that you might recognize. Tim Burton One of the most creative and interesting...

Historical background of National Autism Awareness Month

McKayla Clarksnodgrass, Photo Editor April 14, 2021

April is a time for acceptance, and National Autism Awareness Month. National Autism Awareness Month started, according to the Autism Society, as National Autistic Children’s week in 1972 by the Autism...

March Chaos

Grant Snowden, Commentator March 31, 2021

Every year millions of people fill out their brackets hoping to win the grand prize of $18,000. Or perhaps the $25 challenge and bets among friends to keep it fun. Regardless, March is a time of madness...

Women’s tournament rundown

Amelia Knopp, Staff Writer March 31, 2021

The 2021 National Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Tournament has not failed to deliver the madness this March. The first three rounds of the tournament involved highly-anticipated...

Freshmen compete with March Mammal Madness brackets

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor March 31, 2021

Every year at Manhattan High School, all ninth grade and some 10-12 grade Biology classes participate in March Mammal Madness. The students are given a bracket along with different species of animals (alive...

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