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Tribe prepares for Hommecoming

Kaylee Kurman, Online Editor-in-Chief September 26, 2022

Tribe has always been one of Manhattan High School’s main source of school spirit. For this coming year they have made a lot of changes to improve and get the students more involved.  Tribe has...

IPS teaches acceptance, inclusion

Ayana Jones, Staff Writer April 11, 2022

Several Manhattan High classes have selective enrollment, from applications to auditions, but Interpersonal Skills is based on a multi-step process.  The enrollment process for IPS is very in-depth...

USD 383 moves towards personalized ed

Kris Long, Print Editor-in-Chief April 11, 2022

USD 383 is set to begin integrating personalized learning into the wider curriculum next school year. District administration have been working with the Institute for Personalized Learning out of Milwaukee...

IPS hosts Unified Sports

Avery Inman, Staff Writer April 10, 2022

Manhattan High School’s Interpersonal Skills class hosted a unified sports event during the Advisory hour on  March 30 and April 6.  available The event was open to all sophomores, juniors...

Life from female athlete perspective

Life from female athlete perspective

Avery Inman, Staff Writer March 2, 2022

Women have always had a harder road than men in life. One example of this is in athletics. As a society we have definitely made strides in this aspect but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect.  I...

Senior Dache Island-Jones wrestles her Marysville opponent on senior night on Feb. 3. Island-Jones won her match while the team lost 6-18.

Girls wrestling team has historic first season

Kris Long, Print Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2022

The girls wrestling team may not have won state this year, but they did make history. This season yielded the first girls State, Regional and Centennial League Champion and first girls-only team ever at...

Student athletes talk equity in women’s sports

Advith Natarajan, Staff Writer February 28, 2022

In light of Women’s History Month, the following interviews were conducted with junior basketball player Avery Larson and senior volleyball player Claire Shamburg to spotlight girls sports at Manhattan...

Girls sports through the decades:

Kris Long, Print Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2022

Girl’s right to participate in athletics alongside boys has been fought for over the past fifty years at Manhattan High, as they have been across the nation. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Title...

Diverse curriculum

McKayla Clark Snodgrass, Page Editor January 31, 2022

While Manhattan High faculty are aware they have work to do to improve diversity in curriculum in content areas such as Language Arts and Social Studies, some steps are being taken to broaden perspectives.  “We...

ASU gains approval to host larger presentation about microaggressions

Laneya Christian, Staff Writer January 31, 2022

The ongoing issue of microaggressions in the Manhattan High School community will be the topic of a professional development session for MHS staff presented by members of the Asian Student Union on...

School discipline records show discrepancies for minority students

School discipline records show discrepancies for minority students

Kris Long, Print Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2022

Issues of systematic racism in schools manifest themselves in innumerable areas of the education system, from grading discrepancies to staff diversity, and one of the most pertinent problems for non-white...

Teachers, principal reflect on staff diversity

Advith Natarajan, Staff Writer January 29, 2022

The minority staff members at Manhattan High only make up a sliver of the total staff population, which is predominately white. Moreover, the diversity among employees does not reflect our student population,...

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