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Parking causes issues on campus

Meredith Comas

The city of Manhattan has been known for generations for not having enough space for parking.  This is true at Kansas State University.  It is true in Aggieville. And it is also true at Manhattan High School.  MHS has had more than a fair share of parking issues. Chief among these issues are a lack of space and MHS students have not  been paying attention to where they should park.

“What we want to avoid is having to take any enforcement action,” school resource officer Brian Swearingen said. “And unfortunately the school has had to write several parking tickets on campus.”

To avoid getting a ticket students should pay attention to the signage around the parking lots. Free city parking can be found on Oak Drive, Pine Drive, the Sunset Zoo parking lot and on the other side of the Sunset Cemetery. All of these are locations that anybody can park during the day for free and should use approved walking paths and gates to get to the school grounds and the building.

“Parking on campus without a permit is $10 and if you are parking on campus without a permit or in a staff stall, that is a $20 ticket,” Swearingen said. “For the city if you park in a blue zone it’s a $15 dollar ticket, the same for the yellow zone.”

MHS security staff are increasingly frustrated over student parking issues and reportedly may begin exercising the posted ability to tow cars that are illegally parked. Drivers should be sure to pay attention to the signs to avoid this possibility.

“The school grounds are also subject to, if need be, we would like to avoid that possibility of having to tow anyone,” Swearingen said. “But anyone not properly parked with a permit on campus can technically be legally subject to having their vehicle towed, which is very costly.”

People wishing to avoid getting a ticket should make sure to either have a permit and park in the right lots, or park in a free parking zone if you do not have a permit. Students, staff and visitors should educate themselves to avoid a ticket or a towing incident.

“The best thing to do is pay attention to the signs,” Swearingen said. “The school has signage for the boundary and faculty parking lot and student parking.”

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