The Mentor

The Mentor

Teachers need accountability

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

February 24, 2020

When a student falls behind in a class, the blame is almost always put on the student. However, teachers contribute to this problem as well. While students should always be responsible for their assignments and efforts to achi...

Cassel’s tree promotes individuality, importance

Sophia Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

January 27, 2020

Up until Nov. 4 of this year, there was nothing in the school that had everyone’s name on it.  There was no recognition for the students who typically didn’t receive it, no physical representation of who each person is ...

Social media provides viewers a year in review

Aubrey Strother, Staff Writer

December 19, 2019

As the year will be ending in less than a month, many people are looking back on their lives within the last year through their social medias.  Every year, YouTube does “YouTube Rewind,” where they put together a vid...

Teaching should not be judged from unqualified students

Hannah Heger, Features Editor

April 15, 2019

Most of my fellow students are aware that we have classes we enjoy and then we have classes we hate with a passion. While we sit through one of those classes that make us hate everything and everyone for the rest of the day, we ...

Students welcome opportunity as election clerks

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

November 15, 2018

The majority of high school students are under 18 years of age, and this means that they can’t vote in any election. Yet many students have still found a way to help out and be involved by being election clerks. While many...

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