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Hunter Flagg

Hunter Flagg, Online EIC

Hunter Flagg is a freshman staff writer who joined journalism this year after moving from New York, not too far from the city.

If Flagg can find the time outside of class, he likes to be with friends as he likes people in general. 

“I like writing and videography and stuff like that,” Flagg said. “Haven’t been able to do that because of school.”
Flagg joined journalism with hopes of creating entertaining articles and having fun. 

“I like all aspects of journalism, mainly videography,” Flagg said. “It allows me to bask in a job well done.”

Flagg also has hopes of changing the yearbook for the better. Flagg believes the yearbook can get a bit cringy at times and he wants to stop that from happening. 

“I thought the yearbook sounded cool to me,” he said.

Flagg wants to be a sports correspondent to write more entertaining life filled articles. 

“No offense to people in politics, but I don’t feel like the students care about it that much,” Flagg said. “I want to write about sports, current events and things that have an impact on student’s lives.”

After high school, Flagg wants to join the military with no interest in continuing Journalism. Flagg says to anyone wanting to join journalism to “do it.”

By Thurston Rogers

Staff Writer

All content by Hunter Flagg