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Peyton Berry

Peyton Berry, Staff Writer

Peyton Berry is a 14-year-old freshman. Throughout a normal school day, Berry looks forward to journalism and history class. A few of her hobbies are golf and softball. Since the start of this school year, Berry’s biggest achievement has been passing qualifications for the golf team. Throughout her life, her parents have always been her biggest supporters and her inspiration.  

She describes herself as one who is very helpful, always willing, and kind. Whenever struggling with something, the first thing that she does is talk to someone about what is bothering her, and if that is not an available option, she turns to sports. If Berry could go back to one place again, she would choose Saint George, Utah. As Berry describes what it is like there,  

“Utah definitely had a desert feel to it, it was kind of hot there, it was sunny, but it was like, the weather was nice and everything,” Berry said. “Oh, and the sunrises there are beautiful.”  

She chose to take 21st Century Journalism for mainly one reason, “I’ve always kind of liked writing.”  

If Berry had a time machine, she would tell herself to not give up and to always push herself through the toughest moments. Berry has a specific way of dealing with stressful situations or people. Berry said, “I always tell them everyone has a chance to try a new thing out, and sometimes people don’t think that you can do it, but you actually can do it.” 

When asked what her biggest learning experience has been, Berry said, “Probably when one of my teachers from a few years ago explained how they went through a hard time, and how they got through it. The teacher shared some ways how in how they managed to get through those hard times.”  

Berry wants it to be known that she is always trying her best. Berry said, “I’m always trying my best, even though sometimes it might not seem like it.” She has a few words of advice for incoming high-schoolers, “try joining classes that offer volunteering at a school event.”

By Otis Mazurkiewicz

Staff Writer

All content by Peyton Berry