Businesses available for prom hair, makeup

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

Whether it’s a confidence booster for your overall prom look or a small moment of pampering in the name of self-love, having your hair and makeup done for prom is an exciting experience. Of course, not everyone goes through that process and that’s just as perfect. Regardless of how you get ready for prom, the city of Manhattan has a multitude of business ready to help any girl who wants to experience prom with the intensity of a queen.


  • Hair Extraordinaire
    • Hair Extraordinaire is more than ready to take care of potential customers looking for prom updos. They even posted photos of past clients on their Facebook page, asking those looking for a place to get their hair done to make appointments sooner rather than later. They’re located on Poyntz and open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.
  • Ulta Beauty
    • While most people know Ulta for their makeup products, they also provide formal styling that includes a personal consultation to make sure your hair is exactly how you want it. Priced at an initial fee of $52, those looking for a little extra something with their hair will be more than happy with Ulta.
    • Ulta also provides formal makeup application that includes enhanced techniques for a more dramatic look according to their website. They estimate that the process will take at least an hour and price their services at $60. They also match your skin to the right shades and undertones so that your makeup is flawless.
  • Platinum and Company Beauty Bar
    • Like Ulta, Platinum and Company will take care of both your hair and makeup needs. Located in Blue Earth Plaza, the salon can formally style your hair at the price of $48 and up along with makeup applications at $39 and up. Their pricing is based on demand of time, but for those looking for a slightly cheaper option can invest their money here.

While these are only just a few places in town to get your hair and makeup done, there are plenty of others left that offer services just like these. Of course, people who would rather keep their options low-cost can always do these tasks themselves, which is absolutely free. However you choose to make your prom look happen, know what is available to you so that when the time comes you can promenade with total courage and confidence.