Musical Revue auditions last week

Brianna Carmack, Print Editor-in-Chief

Regular spring performances that were canceled due to COVID-19 are being replaced by a Musical Revue, planned by theater teacher Virginia Pape and her husband Chad Pape, choir director. 

The pandemic caused the cancelation of the usual spring musical. Along with that, Manhattan High’s various choirs have had a rough time; not being allowed to sing or have concerts has turned some choirs into music theory classes instead of focusing on performance. The Pape’s created the Musical Revue as a variety show where, essentially, students will audition to be a part of. Students are allowed to show off a talent they have. It can range from dancing to singing to acting. The actual performance will be on April 21-25.

Students had performances that included dancing, singing and acting.

“I performed a song called ‘In My Dreams’ from the musical Anastasia,” senior Josie Summers said. “I did it acapella for my audition because I was not prepared with the karaoke track.”

Senior Emily Ward performed a piece from the musical “Cabaret” called “Alto’s Lament.”

To prepare, many of the students practiced their auditions for a few weeks. 

“This is a song that I just sing a lot in my shower,” Summers said. “I really like the song and I just sing it a lot when I’m at home by myself or in the shower, so I just kind of already had it memorized.”

Ward actually set up meetings with her voice teacher so she could get insight from another opinion.

“I have a voice teacher and so I studied with her and she helped me practice and get prepared for all the things for it,” Ward said.

Both Ward and Summers, along with many other students have been a part of the spring musical before, so missing out on it this year was a disappointment. However, they decided to audition because they felt as though it would be an event to make up for the canceled musical.

“I auditioned because I originally wanted to do a musical my senior year,” Summer said. “I was really sad that we wouldn’t have it this year, but I wanted to do whatever was going to take its place, and I thought [the Musical Revue], or kind of like a talent show, really is what it is, would be really cool.”

Most of the auditionees are just going to practice their audition piece to prepare for the Musical Revue.

“I’ll probably keep practicing my piece that I auditioned with, keep working with it and making sure it’s as entertaining and as funny as it can be,” Ward said. “It’s kind of a comedy… a comedic song, but working with my peers and with the directors and making sure everything is up to par.”

Students will perform in the Musical Revue in Rezac Auditorium.