Juniors create account dedicated to pursuing their passion

Brianna Carmack, Entertainment Editor

After becoming inspired by watching YouTuber Casey Neistat through his drone in aerial photography and videography, juniors Lane Religa and Sean Anderson began their work of aerial shots last summer through their youtube channel and Instagram account “ksaerials.”

After getting a license to fly their drones, the two created “ksaerials,” specifically made to show off their aerial shots and photography. 

Aerial photography and videography is essentially a different form of photography and videography from an aerial perspective. In order to capture these shots, Religa and Anderson use a drone and fly it around different cityscapes, nature sites, etc. 

Their most recent project occurred over the summer when they took the drone out for a flight at different football stadiums across the nation, capturing different angles of the stadium and field.

The idea of creating an account and youtube channel all began when Religa and Anderson had a class together in which they were able to grow closer as friends, eventually leading to business partners. 

Typically, an aerial shot usually takes around 30 minutes to capture and a few hours more that include importing the clips, editing and uploading. 

Although going out to different sites and capturing aerial photography can be time-consuming, Religa and Anderson have kept it going do to the positive feedback the two have earned.

“[their motivation] It’s just kind of like everybody else’s reaction to this [their aerial shots],” Anderson said. “Everybody thinks they’re really cool, so this kind of just keeps me going and makes me want to make more things that people can be so amazed by.”

Not only did Religa and Anderson want to show off their aerial shots, but they also found out some business aspects that intrigued both of them, making creating an account dedicated to something they are passionate about a great fit.

“I always wanted to own my own company because you can sign up kind of choose when you want to work,” Anderson said. “Normally, they make pretty good money. And then I’ve just been pretty interested in aerial photography.”

Religa and Anderson hope to continue pursuing this passion that they both have. Eventually, they hope to make profit off of “ksaerials” and possibly start selling stuff.

“We are trying to get our name out there and kind of like brand ourselves before we start selling products,” Anderson said.