Science Explorers introducing new club content to The Mentor

Meredith Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

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The Manhattan High Science Explorers club is reaching out and spreading knowledge to the student body. The club has announced they will take up a weekly informational segment with The Mentor in order to better reach the students and community of MHS.

The segment will be a basic explanation the science behind the functionality of everyday items, such as the engine in a car. The club hopes to open the selection of discussion topics to the readership, allowing them to submit appropriate topics-of-interest through The Mentor.

They also hope to eventually accompany the weekly written segment with an online video, produced by the Indian Insider staff and published on The Mentor Online.  

Each segment will be written by a combination of club members, but visually presented by one to two members.

The first written segment and accompanying video will be released Oct. 16 in the next edition of The Mentor.

Episode 1: Ibuprofrin 

Episode 2: Polarized Lenses

Episode 3: Microwave

Episode 4: Gas Engine

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