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SASV Homestead Drive successful, Her Drive underway

Julianna Poe, Trending Editor March 29, 2021

  In less than a week of fundraising, the Students Against Sexual Violence club received 14 out of 17 wanted donation items for the Homestead House -- a program for women leaving the sex industry. “The...

Manhattan Mention Episode 7

Hannah Loub and Eli Davoudi May 14, 2020

What do groups at MHS do when they can't participate in come of their most beloved traditions? Hosts Eli Davoudi and Hannah Loub discuss with both students and teachers about how they're maintaining relationships...

Manhattan Mention Episode 6

Eli Davoudi and Koston Peterson May 14, 2020

How is Manhattan High's student body reacting now that certain school events are no longer a possibility? Hosts Eli Davoudi and Koston Peterson ask representatives from Thespians, athletics, student publications,...

Manhattan Mention Episode 4

Alexus Forsythe and Koston Peterson May 14, 2020

How does the average teenager adapt to life in quarantine, especially when most of their non-curricular activities are outside school? Hosts Alexus Forsythe and Koston Peterson explore what it means to...

Manhattan Mention Episode 3

Alexus Foresythe, Staff Writer May 14, 2020

From essential workers to teachers quickly having to revamp their curriculum, how are MHS students and staff spending their time during the lockdown? Host Alexus Foresythe weighs in with both teachers...

Manhattan Mention Episode 2

Meredith Comas and Hannah Loub May 14, 2020

Hosts Hannah Loub and Meredith Comas talk to three students who are achieving excellence in areas of interest in academics, sports, music and service to others, to discover what keeps them working hard...

MHS student council organizes social media spirit days

Kris Long, Opinions Editor April 15, 2020

Manhattan High Student Council is posting weekly spirit activities on Instagram for MHS students, finding a creative way to engage the student body and bring people together during social distancing.  The...

Manhattan Mention episode 1

Sophia Comas and Hannah Loub February 21, 2020

The first episode of Manhattan Mention, the new podcast for student-produced Digital Media at MHS. In this episode, hosts Sophia Comas and Hannah Loub look into students and social events. Is it necessary?...

Boys basketball defeats Seaman

Andrew Adams, Staff Photographer February 7, 2020

A Day in the Life of Dorst

Sophia Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief August 12, 2019

Most of the time, Michael Dorst comes to school early. Usually, whenever he wakes up is when he leaves for West Campus, but on some occasions he’ll be in as early as 4 a.m. As soon as he gets...

Showing Our Spirit

Joshua Flickenger, Staff Photographer April 23, 2019

Breaking Records

Mason Alberto, Assistant Photo Editor April 23, 2019

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