IPS prepares for Fall Haul

Tara Wood, Staff Writer

Interpersonal Studies is encouraging one and all to come to this year’s fall haul.

The clothing drive, open for anyone to participate in, will be in the Alumni Conference Room acredting wednesday through Friday. All are welcome, whether they are there to donate or or look for a new shirt.

“There’s years past we’ve done [the clothing drive] and so they thought it did really really well and they wanted to do it again,” Maxwell Kiracofe, senior, said. “And it just being able to give people close them they don’t they don’t have always have everything they need stuff is actually a good thing to do for the community.”

The clothes donated should be dropped off in Stephane Thomas’s room, E-009. There is already quite the collection of pants, shirts, jewelry, shoes and more, but volunteers and donations are still much appreciated.

Winter is right around the corner and those in Interpersonal Skills are trying to help anyone who might not be able to afford new coat for the upcoming season. The main point of the Fall Haul is to help members of the community who can’t necessarily help themselves.

“We all have disabilities, we all have things that [we] are not good at, we all have things that we are good at,” senior Allie Bruce said. “It’s learning to work together to kind of fill the missing piece of this… helping people that maybe don’t have as much as we do, and realizing that not everyone is as fortunate as we are, but that we’re able to help each other. I think is a really big thing.”