‘A Star is Born’ exceeds expectations

Javi Mercado, Staff Photographer

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“A Star Is Born” is the fourth retelling of a love story that shows a new way of the falling-in-love cliche that we haven’t quite seen before. The relatively small cast with some big names was enough to catch my eye and intrigue audiences with something they haven’t quite seen before. Lady Gaga playing a serious role that no one saw coming despite her previous awards, including an Oscar nomination for songwriting in “The Hunting Ground” and her Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series for  “American Horror Story.”

Expectation for this film by Warner Bros. Studio shouldn’t be set too high. This is the first movie that Cooper has ever directed or produced and despite the popularity of her musical performance, Lady Gaga isn’t very well-known as an actress. There are veteran actors in this film such as Sam Elliott and comedian Dave Chappelle to help bring eyes towards the R-rated film, but it didn’t need either of those two actors to set the argument for the best film to come out this year.

It starts out with a singer Jackson Maine (Cooper)  getting ready to perform a live show but not before he takes a couple of unknown pills and a shot of vodka, revealing early that his character is an acholic druggy that can’t perform unless under the influence.

After the show he is on the hunt for more alcohol so his personal driver takes him to the closest bar which so happen to be a drag bar. While drinking, a women by the name of Ally (Lady Gaga) sings a song that catches his attention and sets off the journey of a rising star.

Jackson then takes Ally as a roady but later invites her to perform on stage with him, making her loved by many for her passionate voice and innovative songwriting.

Elliot plays Bobby Maine, Jackson’s road manager and older brother who is jealous of his younger brother for being extremely more talented than him and having a better relationship with their father.

Jackson becomes stressed with Ally’s popularity and his addictions getting worse that leads to him causing problems with the relationship between Ally and him.

This film shows the rise of a star, a downfall of a legend and a beautiful bond between two different worlds that can never be broken. This 134-minute film focuses on the rollercoaster ride of a relationship between the two lead characters being influenced by Jackson’s alcohol and drug addiction of Jackson and Ally’s rise in popularity in the music industry.

“A Star Is Born” is a stunning, innovative story that sets itself differently from the previous remakes. It is set in today’s time showing how addiction and talent can’t outweigh love between two popular singers. The movie is a real tearjerker; it’s also intended for a mature audience. The film is spectacular and the 89 percent on Rotte

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