‘Toy Story 4’ sweet, comical

Anika Nyp, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

August 12, 2019

After all the years of only growing up with three “Toy Story” movies, Disney decided to release the new “Toy Story 4.”. The film starts out with showing Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw), Woody  (Tom Hanks) and the gang have b...

‘Spiderman: Far From Home’ action packed, comical

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

August 12, 2019

Among the many Marvel movie releases this past year, “Spiderman: Far From Home” hit theaters July 2 after much anticipation. Following the “Avengers: Endgame” chapter, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) packs his bags -- ...

The Walking Dead leaves audience with cliffhanger, Rick’s last episode

Bella Lane, Staff Writer

November 6, 2018

Last week's episode of “The Walking Dead” left us with the biggest cliffhanger ever in the series, with the only certainty being that Rick had been stabbed and that Sunday’s episode would be his last episode. Nobody knew if...

New spooktastic series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ sheds new view on childhood classic

Anika Nyp, Staff Writer

October 29, 2018

The new Netflix series the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” which came out on Friday, kicks off with a bang as a new view of the classic tales of Sabrina Spellman, her two aunts Hilda and Zelda, and her classic black cat Salem...

‘A Star is Born’ exceeds expectations

Javi Mercado, Staff Photographer

October 29, 2018

“A Star Is Born” is the fourth retelling of a love story that shows a new way of the falling-in-love cliche that we haven’t quite seen before. The relatively small cast with some big names was enough to catch my eye and ...

Riverdale premiers new season, amazing beginning

Kamryn Bussmann, Staff Writer

October 29, 2018

Last Wednesday, CW’s “Riverdale” premiered for its third season and as usual did not disappoint at all. A lot of unanswered questions that were left buzzing in the heads of the many viewers at the end of season two were...

Crazy Rich Asians has major impact, importance

Rachel Edie, Staff Writer

October 2, 2018

“Crazy Rich Asians,” adapted by Warner Bros. Studio, is the name of the first Hollywood movie in over 25 years to be centered around an all-Asian cast. The movie has sparked debate across an internet that, at this point, t...

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