The Walking Dead leaves audience with cliffhanger, Rick’s last episode

Warning: This article contains spoilers for AMC's "The Walking Dead"

Bella Lane, Staff Writer

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Last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” left us with the biggest cliffhanger ever in the series, with the only certainty being that Rick had been stabbed and that Sunday’s episode would be his last episode. Nobody knew if he was going to die, leave or just disappear.

The beginning of the episode starts at a flashback of the season one “Rick waking from his coma,” scene. I got butterflies in my stomach thinking, “Oh no, was it all a dream?” Then Rick wakes up. He then has to pry himself from the pole he got caught on previously. If blood bothers you, maybe you should skip over that part. He gets on his horse and rides away from the now combined herd, “Tordelia.”

You’ll get to see Jadis and sort of find out what she’s been up to. She is only shown a couple of times throughout the episode and is almost always talking on a walkie-talkie to an unknown man.

While Rick falls in and out of consciousness, old characters who have died on the show will be seen. They show Shane who talks about his terrible end and how Rick’s family is also his. They show Hershel and his peaceful farm, their conversation ends with an abrupt, “Wake Up!” Sasha is shown next right after they show the iconic doors saying, “Don’t Open Dead Inside,” instead this time they say outside. She is surrounded by a pile of the dead.

Maggie will try and get her revenge on Negan. She heads to Alexandria for the first time in awhile. She says it has been one and a half years since Glenn died (season seven episode one.) An edge of your seat scene, brings the question, “Will she kill Negan?”’

When Rick falls out of consciousness once again, Rick finds his family. They come and try to save him from the herd. Rick awakes realizing this is not reality and just his imagination.

Tension strikes when Rick starts to cross the infamous bridge. He expects it to break and drown all the walkers. Shocker, things don’t turn out the way he wants them to. Now in reality, his friends actually show up. Rick continues to lead the walkers across the bridge and notices dynamite. He takes his well known gun, the Python, and lights the dynamite up.

He and all of “Tordelia” fall into the river below the bridge. Ever sketchy Jadis spots him downstream and takes him into the unknown man’s helicopter. You’ll be left wondering, does Rick die?

The episode will flash forward to a group of random surrounded by walkers. A little girl shoots the walkers and saves the people. The girl is none other than Judith Grimes.

The trailer for next week’s episode shows that we will jump forward about five years. Eugene, previous scaredy-cat, is shown killing walkers. Negan is still alive. Daryl and Rosita are seen covering themselves in mud. Anticipation for the next episodes hit when you hear a walker snarl, “Where are they?” For more information go watch it on American Multi-Cinema.

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