Fake IDs Don’t Have Fake Repercussions

Tara Wood, Staff Writer

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Everyone knows that drinking under 21 in America is illegal and thus, impossible for those underage to obtain, right? For the sake of my sanity let’s be honest. Lots of people drink under the age, even members of this school. Although there are multiple different ways to obtain alcohol a popular one in the U.S. is by using fake IDs.

If your one of the members of the populations that either have a fake ID or are “borrowing” someone else’s because you look like them, there are some things you should know. First of all it’s illegal to have a fake ID of your own and even if your “borrowing” one from someone. In the eyes of the law that is identity theft and you can get into even more trouble by taking that route.

Bouncers are trained to spot a fake ID and get incentives to make sure that your not let in. So it will be taken away if you get caught and all that money you spent will go down the drain.

I went down to Aggieville to find out how common it is for those with a fake ID to get caught. I talked with a cop, Officer Ulmer, who used to work down in the Aggieville.

“I worked down here [Aggieville] every weekend for a couple of years when I was working down here caught IDs probably once or twice a night,” Officer Ulmer said.

Look out for you and the safety of your friends while having fun during Halloween because drinking can make someone more susceptible to being victimized. Don’t make the mistake that if you drink too much and get into an unsafe situation that the police down in Aggieville won’t help you because your under the age. The police are there to aid you.

“[If] they have alcohol poisoning…they’re sick, they need help, you can call us and there will be no legal action against you guys if you’re calling for help,” said Officer Ulmer. “We’re not going to go after your friend… we’re going to try to help your friend.”

With all of these reasons to not get a fake ID, why would you? You could jeopardize your health by getting alcohol poisoning or get into some serious legal trouble. It can put you in a place where you could become a victim to predators. And probably one of the most scary parts is that you’ll waste all your money on booze and the fake ID you probably just lost. So maybe just stay home and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

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