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Lauv visits Manhattan with free concert

Singer and song writer Lauv sings his viral hit,

Singer and song writer Lauv sings his viral hit, "I Like Me Better." Lauv played at the Bosco Plaza just outside the K-State Union on Oct. 25.

Photo by Maddie Ritz.

Photo by Maddie Ritz.

Singer and song writer Lauv sings his viral hit, "I Like Me Better." Lauv played at the Bosco Plaza just outside the K-State Union on Oct. 25.

Madison Ritz, Staff Writer

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Despite the 40-degree temperature and rain, fans of Ari Leff, who you may know as his stage name, Lauv, showed up for a free concert at around 9 p.m. Thursday at Bosco Plaza just outside of the Kansas State University Union.

Lauv is well known for his singles “I Like Me Better” released in August 2017. He is also known for his single, “The Other,” released in May 2015.

Lauv and his crew were introduced onto the stage, and the crowd went wild. Lauv opened with his hit “I Like Me Better” and the crowd joined along as he sang. He would play various songs like “Paris In The Rain,” “Comfortable” and “Chasing Fire.” Throughout the show, Lauv gave the front row in the audience a chance to hold his hand, and the crowd went crazy over it.

“Now you guys probably noticed that I, like, flare around on stage, and have a good time,” Lauv said.

“For the longest time, I was writing songs for other people and producing songs for other people. But then I was like, okay I have songs that I want to sing. Maybe I should learn how to dance and to be the particular figure but [screw] that. I’m just here to have a good time,” Lauv mentioned in between a song transition. “Like when you’re out with your friends … you don’t care how you look, you’re just there to have a really good time,”

Lauv read an anonymous note that said “I met a superhero. I lost her. I want her back.” He had felt like it was a song, and 10 minutes after he read the note, it was.

He was on the search for his anonymous co-writer and found Martin, the guy who wrote the letter. This is explained in his “Superhero Lyric Video” released on YouTube. Martin had been in a long-distance relationship with a girl named Diana. Martin was from Germany and Diana lived in Boston and Martin had planned on meeting her at Lauv’s concert. Before the concert, they got in a fight. Martin then attended Lauv’s concert alone, and that made him write the anonymous note about her.

Lauv, to this day, continues to keep his “My Blue Thoughts” box for every show he performs at.

Lauv began to play the one song ”Superhero” using his standard guitar.

“Basically, I’ve been doing this thing on tour, it’s a project called ‘My Blue Thoughts,’ some of you guys might know it,” Lauv said, “where basically the whole concept was, I’ve been inviting every person to consider on your way out, picking up a pen and a piece of paper. With a stream of consciousness, write down something, anything on your mind, something you need to let go of about your day, something you’re afraid to tell your friends or your parents. It’s just something to say anonymously and let go of it.”

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Lauv visits Manhattan with free concert