The Mentor

The Mentor

Band takes four to KMEA

Anika Nyp and Sophia Comas

March 3, 2020

  Four select Manhattan High band students joined the rest of the performing music department last weekend in Wichita for the KMEA All-State conference where kids auditioned to participate in high-level performing skills...

Choir performs in KMEA concerts

Anika Nyp, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

March 2, 2020

Three Manhattan High students were chosen to perform in the Kansas Music Educators Association All-State choir this past weekend. Senior Tysen Plumber and juniors Alissa Kohls and Bernice Poulter auditioned for KMEA earlier thi...

Weather postponements problematic for music department

Sophia Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

January 15, 2020

Among the many cancelations and postponements that took place after Friday’s inclement weather, the Manhattan High bands have taken a hit to their schedule that has quickly become more problematic than helpful. The Kansas Mus...

The music of those who have passed still live on after they are gone

William Robben, Junior Opinions Editior

December 19, 2019

The death of Jarad Higgins, most commonly known as American rapper “Juice Wrld,” is the latest example in a too-long list of performers whose popularity explodes after their untimely death.  Higgins died suddenly on Dec. 8, just a few ...

Their own rhythm

Meredith Comas, Print Editor-in-Chief

September 9, 2019

Music -- it’s a daily habit for most. In the car. In the shower. Walking to math class. Doing homework. The rhythmic beats and melodies we adore have become an almost instantaneous commodity provided at the push of a “shuffle pla...

Melanie Martinez makes comeback with K-12

Katya Tarabrina, Organizations Editor

September 9, 2019

The world had not seen anything quite as different as Melanie Martinez when she was first discovered in 2012 on “The Voice.” And though she did not place, that did not stop her from following her dreams of becoming someone ...

Music department holds emotional final concerts

Sophia Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

May 13, 2019

As the conductor lowers his baton, the sheet music is put away and instrument cases are lugged off by their players for the final time, Manhattan High walks the halls with hearts heavy and eyes bright after ending their last ...

New Little Mix album empowering, expected iconic

Meredith Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

December 4, 2018

Iconic is an adjective that transcends it’s formal definition, associating with entities throughout history, from Coco Chanel’s classic perfumes and designs to Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed stilettos. It’s virtually imp...

Throwback music ‘80/’90

Taylor Bullock, Staff Writer

February 7, 2017

Music has been an important and influential factor of America's growth. Sometimes it's nice to step back and look at where we’ve been to see where we're going. Let's have a throwback, shall we? The ‘80s music scene was ...

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