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Connor Price’s ‘Thrillin’ Carries New Sounds

Connor Price recently released a brand new song titled “Thrillin” and I believe it’s one of his best.

The song starts with a very eerie sound to it with thunder in the background, sort of sounds like something you would hear in an old horror movie from the ‘70s.

It then plays a repetitive sound effect that leads to a bass drop which is something Price is not unfamiliar with. He has a history of using repetitive sounds in his songs to make a bass drop more impactful in songs such as “Chatter” and “False Alarm” and I’m all here for it. 

In this song Price talks about negative emotions that he carries around with him all the time; “Grey clouds when I come around, even when the sun is out,” says Price. This is a good thing for him to talk about. Most rappers in the industry like to talk bad about anyone and everything which Price does occasionally but whenever he does it, he does it right. He doesn’t usually talk about negative things; you have to dig deep to find the songs where he does. 

The whole time while listening to this song I am thinking that it sounds like an old horror movie, which would make sense that it sounds like that because it came out on Oct. 27, a couple days before Halloween. Honesty Connor Price and his feature ‘Lex Bratcher’ both sound like they are having fun with this song.

Pretty soon towards the end of the song it starts to get really bass heavy, and the beat starts to sound a little bit like the song titled “Caution” by “Skrxlla.” 

When the song comes to a close there ends up being no vocals and all instrumental and keeps like this until ending with a thunderclap. When he ends the chorus, the beat slowly lowers in pitch sounding almost like a staircase.

Price releases multiple songs throughout a year while some artists only release once a year; you would think with the speed at which he releases songs that they wouldn’t be that good, but Connor Price continues to release quality song after quality song. This one was a step in the right direction and I can’t wait for more from him.


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