Manhattan High drops out of Veterans Day parade

Tara Wood, Staff Writer

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Sunday night snow came in and with the snow came the cold. With the temperature dropping below freezing the Big Blue marching band, dance team and cheer squad backed out for the health and safety of the students. Late sunday night the message went out that students would not be performing.

“We heard last night get will send out a mass text to all the section leaders that it was canceled

I know it’s going to be really cold,” clarinet section leader Lexi Feather, junior, said. “It’s kind of like disappointing because we went outside last Wednesday.”

The decision to not go to the parade was not taken lightly; there were several factors and a group of people made the call togher.

“The parade canceled because of concerns for the safety of the students. We don’t want them to be out in the cold for aids have a lot of waiting time, a lot of time where we’re not moving and so people can get sick people can just get hurt from the cold,” drum major Chris Carter, senior, said. “Also our instruments can freeze at temperatures this low and so even if we were outside we wouldn’t be able to play.”

These groups worked hard to prepared for the parade in honor of those who have served. The band went outside in the cold last week to practice marching while the cheer team practiced their routines to the music the band would be playing. Students were disappointed that they didn’t get to perform for veterans and others in the community.

“You see like the little kids like those like happy and cheering,” sophomore Haylee Davis said. “It’s not just a normal school day for them to just means like, make other people happy and see them and knowing that it’s apparently too cold outside for us to not do that. It just like kind of sucks.”

The parade meant a lot to some member who were supposed to perform too. Manhattan High is a  school that has numerous people of the student body from Fort Riley because their parents are military, not to mention student who have a familial relationship to the military through those in their family such as grandparents.

“I have have a bunch of my grandma’s side of the family who’s in the army,” Natalie Hill, sophomore of the dance team, said. “My aunt Jamie who’s very sick right now, she was in the Army so you know it kind of means a little bit to me.”

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