New Little Mix album empowering, expected iconic

Meredith Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

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Iconic is an adjective that transcends it’s formal definition, associating with entities throughout history, from Coco Chanel’s classic perfumes and designs to Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed stilettos. It’s virtually impossible to itemize everything the word itself defines, but it is quite easy for me to expect to, one day, be able to add to the list “LM5,” the newest album from X-factor winning, British girl-group Little Mix.

While most definitely PG-13, “LM5” is a revolutionary album for the pop music industry that not only empowers women and others ostracized by society but captures the true emotions of what life as a 21st-century woman is. It’s a new sound for the group, capturing more and more attention every day since its release, and let me tell you, ladies, this album is delicious.

It creatively and provocatively explores the emotions that are found in almost every musical product aimed at the female consumer, such as love and breakups; however, it presents these outside of the typical stereotyped message. Songs like “American Boy,” “More Than Words” and “Told You So” express these feelings in a way that both flawlessly communicates the strings and complications of love, while expressing some real lady power that shows true appreciation for the contributions of both genders in a relationship.

On the flip side, songs like “Woman Like Me,” “Woman’s World,” “Wasabi” and the more controversial, yet brilliant, “Joan of Arc” and “Strip” are absolutely raging with the empowering fire of “the goddess within.” To the more “traditional” music-lover, these songs will certainly be a shock. For those more embracing of explorative theatrics and emerging politics in the music industry, happy holidays, Little Mix has handed you your new playlist.

Using a balance of the typical “club music,” current pop trends, acoustic instrumentals and experimental vocal theatrics, “LM5” is a completely new sound; it’s matured, it’s darker, and it’s ready to break down stereotypes and kick gender inequality in its face. These songs, expressing feminism, body positivity and confidence, are widely different from the group’s usual reputation. The most the fanbase has ever seen of this side of the girls is “Shout Out to My Ex” from their 2016 album “Glory Days” — directed at member Perrie Edwards ex-fiance and One Direction member Zayn Malik — which still held the usual sound of the group: enthusiastic, pop-bops that tended to be aimed at any girl fifth grade and up.

This new album is defying the rules and it’s glorious. The songs and their messages are strong, the vocals and music composition are on fire. Like Coco Chanel and her “little, black dress” that was met with controversy, but became a staple in the fashion community, I expect “LM5” — with support from artists like Ariana Grande who’s “thank u, next” shows a similar message for power to the female — will take over the music industry as an iconic symbol of the new music era.


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