Unusual Holiday Dishes

Coy Cavender, Staff Writer

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Over the holidays, most of us can agree that we eat a whole bunch of food. While most people eat turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, etc., some people take holiday food to another level. There are many people who make food that is extremely unusual and what many would find gross and disgusting.

One of those dishes is turkey with anchovies. The dish calls for two ounces of anchovies on top of cooked turkey. The fish then disintegrates and leaves a pattern on the turkey breast. Supposedly the anchovies add extra flavor to the turkey and surprisingly many people think the dish isn’t too bad. If you’re looking for a holiday food that will surprise you with the taste turkey and anchovies might fit for you.

Another dish is ham and banana casserole. This meal is definitely a strange combination of both banana and ham but many people think the dish was surprisingly delicious. Adding a fruit that is somewhat sweet like bananas will make this dish great along with ham. The bread, cream, and cheese are also added with the dish to add a little extra flavor. Those ingredients along with ham and bananas make a great holiday dish.

Pecan-apple-pumpkin pie is the next unusual dish. This dish is a dessert often served around Thanksgiving but can also be served around Christmas time. This odd pie is divided into three steps. The first step is to layer the three fillings, the second step is to mix them together, and the third is to split the pie into thirds in the crust.

These unusual dishes will definitely give many a surprise when they first take a look at it, but some people may find out that they like it.     

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