Teaching should not be judged from unqualified students

Hannah Heger, Features Editor

Most of my fellow students are aware that we have classes we enjoy and then we have classes we hate with a passion.

While we sit through one of those classes that make us hate everything and everyone for the rest of the day, we tend to blame the teacher by saying the teacher is idiotic. We keep on saying a class is stupid and useless because the teacher makes us do activities or projects that are less than entertaining and annoying to finish.

We tend to put our annoyed moods from assignments on the teacher and say that they’re a bad teacher and the class is awful. Just because we despise these classes because of certain teaching methods or the subject  doesn’t mean the teachers we hate aren’t qualified enough to be teaching us anything.

I along with many have been in classes that I have hated. My teacher would just lecture us and we would be following along with a “fill in the blank” style note packet. I disliked this course so much because I felt like everything I was learning was unnecessary, thus creating a boring learning environment and wasting my time.

However, after leaving this class I realized that I spent the whole time complaining about the teacher and the work I had to do. I wasted my time talking with my friends and not focusing on the lessons the teacher had planned, even though I did the work and passed the course, I had learned very little.

Since experiencing that class I started to gain the understanding that I, along with many, have been unfairly judging the teachers who put in countless amounts of energy and time to set up lesson plans and activities that we are supposed to find interesting and educational. While we judge and accuse our teachers of not putting effort into their classes, we don’t look past our own disappointment and overall overwhelming amount of disdain towards everything. We can’t see things from a teacher’s perspective.

Teachers have to set up the activities, homework, finals and tests. Our educators have to complete all of those tasks as well as grade and control the students within the class. The teachers have worked hard and gotten the qualification that allows them to teach us. I am pretty sure I don’t have the qualification that allows me to pass judgement on teachers about how they run their class and how they teach students. Many of these teachers that we hate have been teaching long enough to know how to teach their subject. I am not professionally qualified to correct a teacher’s style of teaching just because I believe that the way they are teaching is incorrect.

Who am I —  a high school student who isn’t interested in becoming a teacher for my future career — to judge a teacher, with a degree in teaching and time spent learning their area, about how they assign homework and assignments, and how they run their class.