Advice for Sophomores

Katya Tarabrina and Jennifer Sadler

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  • Make friends; try to have at least one in each class
  • Not all Freshman are bad
  • Don’t act like you’re better than anyone else
  • Learn to make friends with the upperclassmen
  • Don’t take such difficult classes yet.
  • Don’t be sad about not going to any school dance, your time will come.
  • Scan all your notes/assignments into a computer
  • Don’t stress out/over work yourself about school
  • Start having thoughts about college and what you want as a career
    • Your counselor and Advisory teacher are always there to help you
    • Attend the College Fair, it’ll help you make those decisions
  • It won’t hurt you much if you don’t pass a class.
  • Find an upperclassmen to help you around school.
  • Maintain a good sleep schedule
    • Start getting used to one about a week before school starts
  • Bring your own devices to school instead of using devices from the school
  • In warmer weather, wear sunscreen
  • The bathrooms are only to be used for “Potty Purposes”, not anything else.
  • Dating in HighSchool is not a necessity and never, ever will be.
  • Get involved with School sports, activities, clubs, etc.
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