Advice to Seniors

Meredith Comas and Joshua Flickenger

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  • Retake ACT/SAT as early as possible and as many times as possible
  • Keep an organized system for what colleges you need to visit, apply to, apply for financial aid and scholarships
  • Take a class on financial literacy
  • Stay on top of your work/avoid senioritis
  • Don’t be mean to the freshmen — it’s a mega waste of time
  • Take as many college courses as possible now before they cost too much
  • “Senior” isn’t an excuse for “bully”
  • Tik Tok star is not a post-secondary career
  • Keep college options open
  • Apply to as many scholarships as possible
  • Don’t waste senior year on unnecessary classes
  • Find your passion and pursue is
  • You don’t need a major to go to college
  • Don’t feel bad about a gap year or not going to college
  • Find good roommates
  • Learn basic housekeeping and put it in practice
  • DON’T SIGN UP FOR an 8 a.m. CLASS
  • Don’t work at a job you don’t like
  • Pay all of your most expensive debts off first
  • Don’t stress about what you can’t control
  • Visit as many colleges as you want
  • Find a planning system that works for you, but don’t plan in spontaneity
  • Allow your plan to be flexible
  • Drama doesn’t get a grade