Advice for Juniors

Hannah Heger and Sophia Comas

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  • Don’t rely on the use your locker
  • Study for the ACT 
  • Don’t over book your schedule
  • Bring money for vending machine
  • Take many college classes as comfortable
  • Stay away from drama
  • Participate in activities
  • Do your homework early
  • Prioritize classes
  • Keep text books at home
  • Don’t be mean its a waste of time
  • Always park your car in the correct spots
  • Get to school early
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get enough sleep
  • Pack backpack night before
  • Know what’s too much for you to handle
  • Keep ice scraper just in case of freak snowstorms
  • Bring a jacket because you live in Kansas, the weather is always against you
  • Keep your stuff with you, not everyone will just leave it alone
  • Date if you want, but don’t make it your whole high school life
  • Say no if necessary  
  • Be nice/ respectful to teachers
  • Keep sexy times away from school
  • If you don’t like a class, switch out of it 
  • Don’t share rumors
  • If you go to a school dance, bring a second pair of comfy shoes
  • Set up an alarm, you won’t wake up on time naturally
  • Set reachable goals because you can’t just accomplish everything at once
  • Start researching colleges and majors because senior year is sooner than it appears
  • You are an adult so act like it
  • Don’t let political preferences affect friendships
  • Make a to do list
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