Advice for Freshman

Anika Nyp and Kris Long

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  • Don’t waste your time trying to figure out where everything is at East, you won’t 
  • Study for your history final, but don’t study for biology tests
  • If you’re a klutz use the bannister, there’s a lot of them
  • Wear more shorts your calves will look great from all the stairs you’ll walk everyday 
  • If you practice math in class you won’t have to study for the test 
  • If you don’t have any friends in your lunch one day just go to the library 
  • Join clubs because then the upperclassmen will like you more 
  • Have a charger and headphones at all times 
  • Learn how to silence your phone 
  • Don’t use you locker (there’s most likely a bat in it)
  • You can climb out the bottom first floor windows 
  • If there is a wasp in your room ask to go in the hallways 
  • Don’t make fun of your friend for being afraid of the wasp because then you’ll get stung 
  • Make friends with Carlos (don’t worry he won’t retire) 
  • Gregoire has pop tarts so if you skip breakfast she got you 
  • Don’t bring a puppet to school because people will be scared 
  • Be friends with everyone in your class because then you won’t be bored 
  • Holloway’s the best so gossip with him 
  • Watch out for the trash cans when it rains 
  • Climate control is not their forte so have a jacket and a tank top 
  • Don’t touch the cameras 
  • Don’t wear high heels 
  • You’ll get used to the smell 
  • Don’t sit on the carpet and if it’s orange don’t walk there 
  • PE is soooooo easy 
  • Be the demonstration group for square dancing (you get candy) 
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