Social Media allows students to show self-expression

Madison Ritz, Blue M Student Life Editor

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Our generation, known as Gen Z, MillenGenerationZ and “the Internet generation” has been taking to social media to express its feelings onto a variety of major platforms.

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are just a few majorly named platforms that students are able to express themselves without being afraid of what other people think. 

Social media has become a huge part of Gen Z’s daily routine ever since it popularized in the late ‘90s.

Newer platforms, such as Tik Tok — which was once — have become top-grossing apps in the past year alone.”

Platforms like these allow communication in various ways. Before social media, there was only the ability to either call or simply text. But nowadays, something as simple as pressing “record” and “upload” allows people to talk to millions of people and express their personalities through a small screen.

“[from Millennials to Gen Z], it’s definitely changed quite a bit of how we interact with people, both online and offline,” junior Teagan Hitchings — a popular TikTok creator — said. “We have a much easier time connecting to people that we never would have met. Besides that, we also are able to stay connected to people. Sometimes that we cant see people right now, so texting them and stuff makes it an easier communication tool.” 

Social media platforms allow creators to be whoever they want to be, with supporters by their side. Creators such as Hitchings find an outlet for performing arts such as cosplay.

“My cosplays are something I feel like are pretty creative, like I kind of do whatever I want,” Hitchings said. “Like I make my outfit, and do my make-up, then people usually enjoy that. It just takes a lot of creativity.” 

Hitching currently has 51.3K TikTok followers and 538.2K likes total from doing cosplay videos, along with a few videos which have since gone viral

TikTok isn’t the only platform that allows teens to express their personalities through a video. There are also platforms such as YouTube. Sophomore Max Bowyer hasn’t posted in about six months, but he typically posts running videos/vlogs. Now he’s commonly posting TikToks of him making his audience laugh or simply happy. 

“I’m really not afraid to embarrass myself,” Bowyer said. “Most of the time, I just make a video and post it. A lot of my friends say it’s pretty goofy, but I don’t really care.”

Gen Z isn’t afraid to become who they really want to become on the internet. Social media platforms allow them to become who they want to be with minimal judgment, as well as make others’ day by posting hilarious, entertaining videos of themselves doing something a little out of the normal.

“Don’t be afraid to have fun and do what you love, making videos,” Bowyer said. “Whatever hobby you have, don’t be afraid of other people judging. Just be you.”