Athlete of the Week

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

Sophomore Ibrahim Ciftci

  • Scored a brace in his first start of playing Varsity soccer

How long have you participated in soccer?

“Since I was like six year old. I was on like a team since I was like six years old.”

Who is your role model concerning soccer?

“My role model? It would probably be my brother because he was always there to like push me. I like to think of myself as better than him but he’s like pretty good so I like to like base how I play off him.”

What goals do you have for this soccer season?

“Soccer season? Just to go back to state and win state.”

How do you plan on going about achieving those goals?

“Well, we really have to put in hard work as a team. We have to push ourselves.”

What is your favorite part about soccer?

“Favorite part about soccer? Probably my teammates because they just make the game like a whole lot better. It’s not an individual sport, so you always need to have your teammates there, and that’s like what I really enjoy about soccer.”

How do you feel about getting your first Varsity start as a sophomore and performing well?

“I feel really good. At first I was kind of surprised, you know, like sophomore, it was my first Varsity game. So like when he called me I got really excited and I was like I have to show like what I can do. I think I performed well.”

What are most excited about for this soccer season?

“This soccer season? Probably playing Varsity this season. I’m [on Junior Varsity and] Varsity. I’d like to improve myself, my teammates, but just playing with Varsity is really exciting.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Thanks for the opportunity. It’s really an honor to be Athlete of the Week.”