Spark some joy

Julianna Poe, Copy Editor

May 7, 2019

Day and night, your teachers spend countless hours preparing, grading and tailoring their lesson plans to be sure you have a proper education, feel welcome in their classrooms and understand what they are teaching. Not only sho...

Horticulture students sell at local Farmer’s Market

Julianna Poe, Copy Editor

May 6, 2019

After nearly six months of hard work nurturing herbs, hanging plants, succulents and vegetables, Horticulture I and II students loaded up all their plants early last Saturday morning and set up a booth -- most likely the only...

Key Club hosts junior mental health panel

Julianna Poe, Copy Editor

April 11, 2019

Mental health is a difficult topic for many, but this year Key Club has made an effort to open up discussion and help make it easier to talk about mental health in depth for Manhattan High students, teachers and staff. “The ...

‘Shazam!’ wonderfully unique

Julianna Poe, Copy Editor

April 8, 2019

Taking place just after the events of Justice League, “Shazam!” was nothing short of exceptional. Opening in Philadelphia in 2019, Dr. Sivana, played by Mark Strong, having dedicated his life to finding a way back to the...

Key Club attends statewide convention

Julianna Poe, Copy Editor

March 18, 2019

While most of us were either at home sleeping in until the afternoon or in another state enjoying the sun’s warmth over spring break, Key Club members traveled to Wichita to learn about leadership. The 69th Kansas Key Club Convention was held...

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