Athlete of the Week

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

Zeke Kohl, Sophomore

  • Placed sixth at State

How long have you been a diver?

“This would be the second season, so two years.”


Are you more of a swimmer or a diver?

“All the way diver.”


Who is your role model for diving?

“My role model for being a diver would be my older brother Zane. He’s kind of always just been like ‘hey, we got to be this kid or be better than this kid at all times.’”


What is your favorite aspect of diving?

“Probably the ability to just be more free than the swimmers, because the swimmers have their certain thing that they have to do. For me … I choose what I want to do and I choose to be good at it or not. It’s the freedom.”


What is your favorite memory of dive?

“It would probably be figuring out that I beat Zane’s record [and] just demolishing it, because that’s just like ‘hey, I beat Zane.’”


How did it feel to place sixth at State?

“I could have placed higher, but I screwed up a dive, so sixth is good enough for me. Just placing … feels nice.”


What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

“I want to be in the record book more than just once, and but maybe win State, that might be cool.