The Safety Team of MHS

Jeremy Emberton, Staff Writer

Natural disasters. They happen all the time. From fires to earthquakes to tornadoes, they all wreak havoc. However, if Manhattan High happens to find itself in one of these disasters, its safety team will be there to help.

Trina Dibbini, the sophomore principal, is the person in charge of the safety team. Dibbini has been with MHS for 3 years now, and has been a part of the safety team as well.

As the leader of the safety team, Dibbini has many things to do.

“I organize all of our drills that we do and have protocols set in place. Setting up how the communication between the district officials and the building officials and all the educators in Paris, we have a system set up for communication,” Dibbini said.

One may think that the safety team always know when the disasters are drills or the real thing, however for safety week, that isn’t the case for us.

“For our safety week, i don’t know when the drills are happening so i just assume that it’s real until i get out there and find out that its put up by the district. We really try to be as honest with it as possible, whether its a drill or not, so when the district comes in for our safety week, they act like its real,” Dibbini said.

Other teachers can also help get involved with the safety team. More training and practice will help teachers make sure their class is prepared for the next disaster.

“I think that the more training we get, the more prepared we can get, you know, making sure that they understand the protocols and how to take care of their classroom and students, kinda what we just need everyone to do,” Dibbini said.

Preparedness is a very important part of being on the safety team. If they aren’t prepared, people could be left behind, lost, or not know where to go. The safety team must always be ready for the what ifs.

As some last words, Dibbini wanted to share some words with the students.

“I think everyone did a great job so far in all the drills and events that we’ve had so far they’ve done a good job so good job students.” Dibbini said.