ESI changes name

Kyla Barnett, Features Editor

For one Manhattan High club, the name has changed but the mission remains the same. Earlier this year, Environmental Science Investigation club decided to change its name to Manhattan Environmental club because of some confusion the name caused within the school and administration.

“[ Principal Michael Dorst] asked us if we would change it because there were so many different like, school policies and things having to do with like stuff that students don’t exactly know about,” senior Elora Neff, club president, said.

All of the ESI’s have caused quite a bit of confusion, leading to the name change. There are multiple documents related to the USD 383 school district that have the same abbreviation, such as policies, money-related documents and previously the club.

The name change was decided at a weekend meeting after speaking with Dorst around August. 

“…As long as the club and school approve of it, I’m content,” senior Tanya Singh said.” I heard ESI was getting confused with other grants and programs, so getting rid of that confusion is nice.”

Most MEC members don’t have a strong opinion on the name change but Neff enjoys it.

“Personally, I kind of like the new name change because like it’s kind of it’s refreshing. It’s like new. As long as we’re not being called Earth club, I’m happy,” Neff said.