Red Cross to visit VA center

Kyla Barnett, Features Editor

Over the past three weeks, Manhattan High School’s Red Cross club has been gathering donations to give to the Topeka Veterans Administration Medical Center. The club has been collecting personal hygiene products, clothing and non-perishable food items to donate.

In addition, they have been making cards for the veterans in preparation for their trip to the VA center on Nov. 20 where they plan to tour the facility and meet the patients. 

“Part of the mission of Red Cross club is helping people who… need our help and need or support and it really helps them,” Red Cross Co-President junior Krissy Kolasheski said. “Just the little things like that, like anything we can do to give them a smile or just make their day a little bit better. 

Red Cross has toured other facilities such as Irwin Army Community Hospital 

Red cross club is hoping to do much more this year and is excited to help others. As a club, Red Cross aims to spread kindness and make people happy.

“We have a really civic minded, charity minded group of officers,” club sponsor Clancey Livingston said. “I think… just about any time they see a need or see a way that they can help people they’re going to take it.