MHS revisits fashion trends

Blue Neel, Junior Trending Editor

Quite often, style comes to mind when one visualizes the decades. As we wrap up the decade, fashion is having a deja vu effect. 

After once seeing teenagers in the ‘80s rock bright neon and loud hairstyles, more and more teenagers now rock the same style with a different attitude. Although some believe they’re being creative and unique, more often than not, it has already been done at some point in time. The popular scrunchies, framing the lives of “VSCO girls” and regular girls with hair tie needs, were originally introduced in the ‘80s as well. The trends we see today mostly come from the ‘80s and ‘90s. 

When the average Manhattan High student opens their closet to pick their outfit for the day, the articles of clothing may seem familiar to people of an older age. The off-the-shoulder sweaters, high waisted jeans, and high tops that are stashed in your closet aren’t an original style. These beloved styles have been around for awhile now. Rolling the cuff of your jeans or crimping your hair may seem like the new trend but truthfully it is only renewed. Have you ever wondered why, when Decades Day comes around, you have many viable options hanging on your hangers at home? 

Layering outfits and wearing many colors may get some compliments, but the credit goes to the women of the ‘80s who first walked through the door with inspiring ideas in fashion. 

The history of jeans alone in the past 40 years is one filled with completely different ideas for the fashion industry. Once the ’60s popularized bell bottoms and hip huggers for school attire and then the disco era of the late ’70s brought fitted, embellished jeans, the 1980s branched out into ripped jeans, stone washed and acid washed, and eventually high waisted and paper bag waists. 

Then the ’90s gave way to baggy jeans that looked two sizes too big. Denim overalls were popular as well. In the early 2000s many pop stars, including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, popularized the ultra low-rise jeans. Many other jeans were considered popular in the fashion community including skinny jeans, flare and boot cut. Boyfriend jeans were the hottest trend in jeans in the 2000s.    

From the 2010s to now not much has changed but the choice of what fits your shape was created and has flourished. 

Vintage-inspired clothing is very exhibited in everyday outfits, bringing many factors of fashion history into our style. This is allowing many people to relive their memories in the very scrunchies and jeans you wear.