Weather postponements problematic for music department

Sophia Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

Among the many cancelations and postponements that took place after Friday’s inclement weather, the Manhattan High bands have taken a hit to their schedule that has quickly become more problematic than helpful.

The Kansas Music Educators Association All-State Instrumental Live Auditions, which were supposed to take place last Friday, will now take place on Saturday at Salina Central, putting the band a whole week behind schedule.

According to senior Mizuki Ansano, the change has been specifically problematic for directors Joel Gittle and Nancy Monical because of their status as executive director and president elect for the North Central Kansas Music Educators Association. The organization had an event planned for the Saturday that the auditions are now scheduled for, creating scheduling conflicts between the two priorities. 

“The change didn’t affect the students, it just gave us more time to practice,” Ansano said, “but Gittle did mention how it affects the directors because the Middle Level Honor Band is also on the next Saturday, so they need to plan something out so they can judge the auditions and be at the event.”

For students like senior Elizabeth Kim — who is involved in extracurricular activities outside of band — sacrifices have to be made in order to keep up with the unpredictable weather. 

“For me personally, it would have been better to keep it on schedule,” Kim said, “especially since it coincided with a debate tournament.”

Unfortunately for Kim, her decision to sacrifice a debate tournament that fell on the same day as the rescheduled auditions comes as a blow to herself and her partner, who were both excited to compete. 

“I felt very disappointed,” Kim said. “My partner and I were really looking forward to this tournament and there’s also the fact that it would have been my last tournament of the year.”