Red Cross to visit fire department

Kyla Barnett, Features Editor

Manhattan High School’s Red Cross plans to learn more about the medical procedures and practices of firefighters by visiting the Headquarters Fire Station on Denison Avenue this Wednesday during Advisory.

“[We’re going to] just check it out because we like to do a lot of stuff and get the club involved,” senior Logan Linenberger said.

While Red Cross is there, they will be meeting with the fire chief and then speaking to some of the firefighters on shift to discuss how they function in the medical field and how emergency services work.

“I think this is a part of medicine that not a lot of people think about, the people other than EMT select have the medical training,” club sponsor Clancey Livingston said. “Plus they’re going to be a little bit more specialized because they’re seeing more to do with fire related injuries, so just a different side of the medical training.”

Firefighters are often some of the first responders to health emergencies, as well as other emergencies, which requires them to have at least basic medical training.

Red Cross is working to expand their knowledge of the medical field past just hospitals.

“We’ve done a couple field trips, but they’ve always been real explicit medical things hospitals and everything else,” Livingston said. “So I think it’ll be a lot different than the ones we’ve done.” 

After discussing visiting the station for a few months, they are finally able to visit and are very excited about it.

“As a teacher I like anything that’s showing students different perspectives and different angles of things,” Livingston said. “And I realized the focus here is still medicine which is what I’ve done before, but this will be, I think different enough that a hospital that might give them some different things to think about.”