New year, new terms

Julianna Poe, Trending Editor

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, it is important to understand our day-to-day dialogue. The following is a compiled list of must know vocabulary: 


  • On-site: One of the options for learning this school year is in-person instruction. In this model, students will attend school each day while following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask.
  • Hybrid: This is a form of the on-site model, in which there are two groups of students. Group A attends school Monday and Tuesday and is off-site Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On the other hand, Group B is off-site Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and attends school Thursday and Friday. 
  • Remote: Students who are enrolled in remote learning will be taking classes entirely online. They are expected to Zoom in with their teachers on a daily basis and complete their school work during independent work time. Unlike on-site students, remote students must keep a log of each day of school.
  • Parents Assurance Form: In place of the daily logs, each parent or guardian must sign this form once for all their child(ren). More information about this form will be available soon.
  • Social Distancing: Everyone must stay six feet away from one another to be in compliance with pandemic guidelines.
  • Canvas: A Learning Management Program (LMS) teachers will utilize to send out information and assignments to their class. Students will upload their school work to Canvas as well as complete lessons, quizzes and exams.
  • Zoom: A program that allows students to connect face-to-face with peers and teachers through a website on various screen devices. Teachers will schedule Zoom times for their classes to conduct lessons and answer questions.
  • Face Mask: A safety measure worn over your nose, mouth and chin. A face mask is required for all students, staff and faculty and must be washed with warm water before reuse or must be disposable after a single use.
  • Quarantine: A period of time, usually 14 days, where a person or group isolates themselves in their place of residence. 
  • Distance Learning Day: This is a day where learning for school is off-site. All students on a typical five-day week have a distance learning day on Wednesday. Other instances of off-site instruction are dependent on which group you are in or learning model you chose.
  • Meaningful Check-In: Every day that students are in Distance Learning, they are required to make contact with at least one teacher. On Blue Days — Mondays and Thursdays — and Wednesdays, check-ins are with their Advisory teacher. On Red Days — Tuesdays and Fridays — check-ins are with their fifth hour teacher.
  • Senior Student Entrance Lottery: This school year, all seniors can enter into a raffle for home football games. Only 100 students will be selected for each game.
  • Livestream: Coverage over the internet that is occurring in the moment. Our video production team, the Indian Insider, and the Board of Education will use livestreams this year to cover sports and meetings.