Winter activities during pandemic

Katya Tarabrina, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

Winter season can be an exciting time for many students, teachers and faculty. People are excited for the joy that Christmas brings, the new hopes of New Years and finally seeing their families. Chances are if you are living in the state of the world we are, especially in the boring state of Kansas, you’re not getting snow or any hope for the future ahead. 

The infamous COVID-19 took away the many typical winter activities students partook in regularly during the holidays. Those who have any common sense or regard for others had to stay home for the holiday season in order to prevent obtaining and spreading the virus. But for others who lacked the decency to keep their viruses from their senior family members, they still got to participate in Christmas. And if they went to states that actually have varying weather, they probably got to experience the typical winter activities such as playing in the snow, sledding and other activities. 

However, not all hope is lost for people who stayed in Manhattan for winter break. Many winter activities can be done from home. You don’t necessarily have to go out in order to enjoy winter. Something people can during winter is watch many selections of movies on Netflix and Hulu. From holiday classics, to newly awfully produced movies, there’s a wide range of things every person can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Also, while doing this, people can also make a cup of hot chocolate. Sitting at home watching a Christmas classic with a cup of hot chocolate, what is better than that? 

Though of course, if going out if something you’re okay with, you can head to the ice rink that is run by Parks & Rec of Manhattan. There is an option for purchasing tickets online, and you can see which openings there are for sessions. 

There is not much to do in Manhattan during a winter without snow and during a pandemic, though there’s still ways to enjoy yourself during this season and make it feel like it was worth it.