Kiwanis offers variety of scholarships for Key Club members

Katya Tarabrina, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

There’s a special kind of stress that comes with not being able to afford to pay for college. Oftentimes, scholarships are the only thing those struggling financially can turn to. However, it can be challenging to find scholarships that you qualify for specifically. Luckily for students part of Key Club, there are several programs they can look into.

One of those programs is the scholarship opportunities offered on the Kiwanis Children’s Fund website. 

The scholarships provide a chance for different children everywhere to receive grants, scholarships and youth programs. They offer the members of the Circle K International and graduation seniors in Key Club International the ability to pursue further education after high school. 

Being awarded one of the scholarships all depends on which group you’re in. Circle K International and Key Club International vary in the scholarships they offer, so to know which ones you qualify for, you must known which organization you’re a part of. It is possible that a student can be qualified for both types of scholarships, so talking to your teachers would be beneficial. 

Though there are a few differences between the scholarships, the basics for applying to them are pretty similar. Most of these scholarships require you to be a member of the Key Club International for at least two years or more, which could potentially be a problem for students who have recently joined. It leaves the question for students who could have taken part of Key Club at two different schools. 

Applying to these scholarships is easy and can be done from virtually anywhere. Students wanting to apply can submit their applications through a program called Foundant, where later on you can view all your scholarships and your application status. Simple and strict deadlines are set for each scholarship. 

Though most of their scholarships are shown on their website, there are others you can find simply by asking your teachers.

Many students who partake in clubs do so because they genuinely enjoy the activities of the club. Initially, they might not realize what opportunities are presented to them by participating in that club. When you’re applying for a scholarship, being in Key Club could provide value resources and services, so it’s important to utilize the benefits of your membership.