Environmental club sets up Earth day booth

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor

In the 2021 year, Earth day took place on Apr. 22 with the environmental club setting up a small booth during first, second and third lunches.

In this booth, environmental club members took turns running the booth by selling stickers.

“We were selling stickers on behalf of the environmental club to raise some money,” junior Jecca Park said. “We wanted to do it because of Earth Day and we just wanted to do something.”

Stickers don’t typically sound like something that would be in students’ interest to buy. However, these three dollar stickers were not the cheap kind that you can buy at a convenience store.

“You can put them on your water bottle, car, folder or laptop,” Park said. “The two that I designed are the go green and wave sticker and the other is an eco friendly one with a minimalist hand.”

The environmental club started their booth on Apr. 22 and sold all of their stickers on the same day almost.

“We almost sold out,” Park said. “We had a couple of tickets reserved, just from across [the high school], but we expect them to be sold out today.”

During COVID-19, there hasn’t been many opportunities for fundraising for many of the clubs at MHS. However, selling stickers at Manhattan High School hasn’t been the only thing the environmental club has done together this year.

“We did a Chipotle fundraiser that did raise a lot of money,” Park said. “But I’d say her biggest event that happened this year was our kayaking trip.”