Roll Your Dice

D&D Sessions start at Manhattan Public Library

Azrael Wolf, Staff Writer

D&D sessions have begun at the Manhattan Public Library every other Friday. D&D, or Dungeons and Dragons, is a largely popular fantasy role-playing game where you make your own characters and go on adventures. Your fate is in the hands of a dice and your DM, or the Dungeon Master, who creates the story and all the obstacles in your path. You have to battle and talk your way out of problems, and depending on how you play, make many friends or foes along the way. D&D only requires one player and a DM, but it’s possible for a group of players to reach much higher numbers, as many as the DM thinks they can handle.

The D&D sessions began on Sept. 3, and will be over on Oct. 15 until further notice. Registration for the sessions are over, but children’s librarian Jennifer Jordan, and also one of the players, says they will start again in spring.

Four players came last Friday to roll dice into the hands of doom. Dan Ireton, a librarian at K-State, DM’d this little party of adventurers. He has been playing D&D for 30 years.

“Games have always been a big part of my life,” Ireton said.

D&D allows for lots of creativity and fun, but for Ireton, the best part of D&D is telling a story together. He “would like to see more D&D groups pop up” in communities and homes, he said.

Jordan plays with the group because of the lack of members. She has been playing for about a year. According to Jordan, the D&D sessions are great for teens because it’s hard to find a group to play with and teens get to have fun.

“Roleplaying is really fun [and] creating a character is really great,” Jordan said.

Annika Hageman, a senior at MHS, was also one of the players. She has been playing D&D for about two years. She got into D&D because her dad was into it and decided to try it out for herself. Before the library, she had never played outside home, so she saw this as a fun opportunity.

“[The best thing about D&D is] the creativity, and a bard with a 24-armor class,” Hageman said.