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The Mentor

Azrael Wolf

Azrael Wolf, Staff Writer

Azrael Wolf is a sophomore staff writer who joined upon the start of this school year. 

Wolf is taking 21st Century Journalism with the hope that she will become a better writer by doing so. She wants to improve her vocabulary of descriptive words so that she is able to convey her ideas in a colorful manner that is compelling for her readers. 

“I want to be able to describe something but still make it interesting to read,” Wolf said.

Wolf enjoys making new connections with the people at school, yet warming up to new individuals can take a while. Because of this, she partakes in ice breakers that help loosen the atmosphere in order to create amicable relationships between classmates. 

“The friendships I made in middle school helped me make new relationships in high school,” Wolf said. “Although I’m not as close with the people I met in high school, I want to be closer with them.” Wolf said. 

Wolf loves Chinese Food, particularly crab rangoon, and the book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and YouTube, writing stories and crafting, and sometimes she plays with her sisters. 

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