Jostens begins class ring sales

Azrael Wolf, Staff Writer

Jostens came to MHS West Campus last week after coming the week before to show the sophomores a presentation about Jostens and class rings.

Earlier in September, Jeff Heline from Jostens presented about class rings to sophomores in a class meeting during Advisory. Last Tuesday, order takers Paige Carney and Sandi Heline came back to take filled-out ring orders from kids and collect the first fee of $100 for the rings.

“A school that has a lot of school spirit and tradition [tends to] buy more class rings,” Carney said.

Heline estimates that 80% of small schools buy rings, but only 40% to 50% of big schools buy them.

“I think [the ring] creates a lot of enthusiasm for school spirit,” she said. “I think it’s a piece of jewelry that you’d have for your lifetime.”

Not all students are excited about the rings. Junior Noah Meyer is not getting a ring because he thinks they are expensive.

“[They are] violently overpriced,” Meyer said.

According to junior Iz Ritz, the rings are a waste of money and would get in the way.

“The rings aren’t attractive at all,” Ritz said. “They’re bulky and they don’t seem like you could put an outfit to them.”

But other students disagree. Copper Ackerman, a sophmore getting a ring, describes them as a novelty and said they hold some value.

“[The ring will] bring back some memories,” Ackerman said.

J’ryah Willoughby, a sophomore also getting a ring, thinks similarly.

“I want something to remember my high school year with,” Willoughby said.